Mengenal Pandemic Fatigue Terhadap Kejadian Lonjakan Kasus Pandemi Covid-19

Studi Literatur

  • Indah Kusuma Wardani
  • Zahranita Inasya Sondana
  • Dina Nurseptiani
  • Regina Putri Cahyani Suseno UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Chahya Kharin Herbawani
Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic fatigue, surge of COVID-19 cases


The condition of COVID-19, which does not quickly improve in the long term, has made people bored with adopting a new lifestyle and led to pandemic fatigue. This article aims to provide an overview of pandemic fatigue, its causes, and its impact on the spike in COVID-19 cases. The design used is literature review, articles were collected using the Google Scholar search engine, and PubMed from 2017-2022 with the keywords “Pandemic fatigue”, “Pandemic fatigue to the spike in COVID-19 cases”, and “Covid-19 pandemic fatigue”. The results of the literature review show that there are behavioral changes in the application of health protocols, namely changes in compliance that are decreasing due to pandemic fatigue, which causes the number of COVID-19 cases to continue to increase. To avoid the occurrence of pandemic fatigue, it is recommended to do self-reflection, and take a break from the busy life that is being lived.


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Wardani, I., Sondana, Z., Nurseptiani, D., Suseno, R., & Herbawani, C. (2022). Mengenal Pandemic Fatigue Terhadap Kejadian Lonjakan Kasus Pandemi Covid-19. Jurnal Medika Cendikia, 9(1), 33-43.

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